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The Family

From Gualtiero Armando Nunzi Conti, former president of the Chianti Classico Consortium, who planted the first vineyards, to Maurizio, who carried out the restoration project of Villa Barberino, and onward to the birth of the wine cellar with Antonio and Isabella, this is a rich and vibrant family history that is renewed and expounded in the authenticity and sincerity of these Chianti Classico wines.



The Cellar

The cellar is the beating heart of this ancient farmhouse in the Florentine countryside. An eighteenth-century barn has been completely renovated to be used as a wine cellar. The recovery works of the cellars which date back to the 1400s and were used for the aging of wines, opened the space for 105 barriques and 8 tonneaux.


Our Wines

Three types of Chianti Classico docg that come from the respect of age-old techniques combined with research and the use of innovative technologies.


The Nunzi Conti family is pleased to welcome guests from all over the world who have the desire to get to know the company and the production of Chianti Classico docg through two tasting itineraries. An exciting full immersion that involves all the senses, discovering the environments, the history, the taste.



7 March 2021

New Wines

Toscana IGT Rosato Nunzi Conti The harvest of Sangiovese is very early to exalt the best aromas. The soft pressing of the grapes results in a light […]
8 June 2020

Chianti Classico docg Gran Selezione Vigna Elisa

8 June 2020

Chianti Classico Riserva